Meet the Sisters

Anne Nouri, Expert Benefit Auctioneer

6-9701cHighAnne Nouri is Co-Founder of Auctions For A Cause™& Lead Auctioneer. After years of being involved with non-profits and with a passion for philanthropy and fund raising Anne attended the prestigious Missouri Auction School and has further mastered her training as A Benefit Auction Specialist (BAS).The BAS designation has been earned by less than 1% of Auctioneers (175 individuals) Nationwide. Withover 20 years of experience as a home decor designer, manufacturer and over 10 years as a TV personality, having sold over One Hundred Million Dollars worldwide, Anne is well prepared to lead your next Auction to a record setting event!

Avisha Kassir, Expert Fundraising Consultant

Avisha-Avisha Kassir is Co-Founder of Auctions For A Cause™, a graduate of School of Management at George Mason University and an experienced fundraising expert. With a love for working with non-profits & organizations by bringing awareness and attention to important causes, she is the energetic and charismatic “fun younger” sister who loves to build energy in the room with spontaneous audience interactions while creating an entertaining Live Auction. With over 10 years as a TV personality, having sold over One Hundred Millions of Dollars worldwide, Avisha, the “firecracker” as referred to by the brands loyal TV audience, she is well equipped to helping you exceed your Auction goals.